Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our HOT Week

We have had a HOT week. We can't wait for it to cool down so that we can walk to the many parks that surround us. With the 90 degree weather we have been spending most of are time at the pool. Bella loves the "Hot water" and we have to turn the "bubbles on". She tells me where to sit and what to do as she relaxes at the side of the Jacuzzi with her feet slashing in the water, enjoying her role as the firstborn. I just finished a book about birth order. It is no wonder I am the way I am! I played the role as firstborn very well. It is fun to be reminded why we do certain things.

Bella no longer needs help down the slide! She does it all by herself. She loves to be rocked at night. The songs she request most are (in her sweet little angel voice) "Rock-a-by baby in the treetops" and "Twinkle Twinkle" little star. She was playing hide-and-seek with Jason this afternoon and Jason would hide and she would find. Jason told her to count to 5 and she did. We were so excited. All by herself she counted 1 2 3 4 5! She mimics everything mommy does! She is my best friend and we have so much fun together.

Jason is working at UCI (University California Irvine) Medical Center. He commutes about about 45mins. everyday to work. He drives his dirt bike. This scares me! His reasoning for this is he doesn't have to pay for parking, (employees have to pay 30$ a month for parking! Ridiculous!), saves money on gas, he get there 15min faster because he can drive in the car pool lane, and drive straight up to the stop lights. I don't think I will ever get over my fear of my husband getting hurt because of a motorcycle but I do have faith that he is a safe and very cautious driver. He is taking a Kaplan class. He wants to try and get a higher score on the Mcat. This class helps you prepare for the huge test. He is working hard and we love and appreciate all he does for us.

I have just been reading in my spare hour at night before going to bed. I have an adult religion class on Tuesdays. Mothers from the ward get together on Mondays at the park, so I have some grown up interaction throughout the week. I love it. I will love it more when it cools off.

I took some pictures of are over-the-top church building. It is amazing. We love you all and hope you can come stay with us soon!