Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Precious Moments

Bella and her new sunglasses.
She prefers to wear them upside down.

Bella and the garbage truck-
Every Monday and Friday morning Bella wakes up or runs into my room and is just squealing because the garbage truck is here. She loves to watch the garbage truck from our front patio and as the garbage man drives by they wave at each other. The simple joys of life.

Bella crawling into mommy's bed-
Bella is struggling with sleeping in her bed. The other night after Jason and I got her calmed down, she ran into our room (we were in the family room) crawled up into our bed and fell asleep in a matter of seconds. It was the sweetest, saddest, most precious moments that I hope I never forget. She loves her mommy and daddy and what a sweet reminder it was.

Bella's new friends-


Bella loves Autumn, Drew, and Sam. It was so cute on Sunday, Sam asked Bella if she was coming to nursery with him. Bella's response was, as always "Yea." Sam is 2 1/2 and always wants Bella to sit by him and holds her hand. It is so cute! So, not even two and she already has boys chasing after her. We are in trouble!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's Next!?

Bella in her BIG Girl Bed.

Bella is getting so BIG! She climbs on everything including her crib. The other day I put her down for a nap and she was so upset! A few minutes past and then I heard her fall. She had fallen out of her crib! When I was Bella's age I did the same thing only my arm ended up in a cast. Bella was just fine. She know sleeps (sometimes) in her big girl bed. In the mornings when I go and get her or just peak in on her, she is usually on the floor. (We are still working on this, she likes to sleep in Mommy's bed.) The first night when she slept all by herself in her own bed, I told her how proud I was and asked her, "How does it make you feel, sleeping in your own bed?" Her response was "Cute!" It was so funny and she was so serious! It is so much fun when she says things like that, we both just sat there and laughed.
Her new favorite saying is "Hey Babe", she picked this up from me and Jason. It sounds so funny coming from little Bella. She loves to ask "How ya doin?" I ask Jason this all the time. She is really picking up on a lot of new saying.
She can sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" word for word. She can count to ten! This little girl is one smart cookie!
We have had a fun time! Here is what we have been up to.

Story and singing time at the library

Laguna Beach

Releasing "Salt" an injured elephant seal back in to the ocean

Reading books with daddy

Bella couldn't wait to take a ride on the horsey.

Look at that smile!

Playing in the water at the Irvine Spectrum

Wiped out! What a fun day!

Chill'in in the stroller, eating a banana, after a walk to the park.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We have had so much fun the last couple days! Here is an update.

Bella-This little princess couldn't be happier! There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't at the park,pool, or beach. Bella loves the outdoors and now she can actually enjoy it all year. No more 100 degree weather and no snow to stop her from playing all day. She had a great time at the beach today. She made new friends. She loved playing with 6 year old Autumn. Bella hasn't liked getting in the ocean water but today she saw her friends run in and she
was fearless and ran right in. She loves the water now. It was so cute seeing her interact with kids older then her, especially Autumn. Anyone that meets Bella just falls in love with her, even the ducks at the pond. They followed her everywhere. There was even a turtle that wanted to say "hi" to Bella.. At the beach today we saw dolphins and sea lions! It was awesome! Bella's newest things are climbing, she climbs on anything and everything! All that time at the park has turned her into a monkey. She nows sings the "Clean up" song. We are teaching her to clean up her messes, but usually she comes and tells me to clean up her messes!

Kelsey-Today was such a great day for me. The beach we went to is now my absolute favorite. It is a little private beach in Laguna. The sand was clean, it wasn't crowded, and we were surrounded by beautiful cliffs on either side of us. There are big rocks out in the water a little ways and there are always sea lions bathing in the sun. The dolphins were so much fun to see. Mandy a friend from the ward invited us to come with her. A lot of the moms from the ward meet up there. It made my day to get to know some girls. We are loving the ward. We feel right at home. On Sunday we were invited to a open house for the couple that are meeting with the missionaries. They just had a baby boy so we were celebrating his arrival. My friend Tiffany from Utah is here so we are going to meet up tomorrow and have lunch. I have loved meeting new people. Last night for family home evening we put are 72 hour kits together and made emergency plans. So, rest assure mom we are prepared, for the most part. On Sunday a couple from the ward brought us cookies and invited us over for dinner on the 4th. I thought how nice! I want to be like that! I want to be that person that makes
others feel welcomed.

Jason-He just started the night shift last night and survived. The next couple days, weeks, will be ruff for him until his body adjust. He is such a good daddy. He loves to take Bella to the pool and just adores her. Today he sleep well we were at the beach. He is getting quite a tan and has been going to the fitness center we have here in the apartment complex. He is an amazing husband. Ever Monday night he sits down with me and we watch the Bachlorette. He would never want to admit it but he likes it. We have fun talking about what we think about each guy. We think that Jason is going to win her heart but we also love the snowboarder Jesse. Jason gets as much fun as he can but work and class keep him busy.

We love you! Have a great 4th of July! Happy B-day Keir and Gary!