Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Bella and all her new toys!


Whenever she would open a present she would say,
"I am so excited! What do you think it is?"

So excited!!

Trying out her new skateboard she got from her Uncle's.

We had sweet potato pancakes with sausage and bacon for breakfast.
For Christmas dinner, Honeybaked Ham, the best stuff in the world!
Jason and I watched Barbie Diamond Castle well Bella played with her new kitchen!
The sister missionaries came over and we gave them a little gift.
We talked with family on the webcam.
And Bella peed on the carpet over and over today-she has just been too busy to go on the potty!


At Jason's company party there was a photobooth.
It was my favorite part!


Bella and Landen

We had some friends over for drinks and goodies Christmas Eve night
and Lisa took these adorable pictures!

Christams Eve

This tree was amazing!
It is real (it smelled really good!), 20,000 pounds, 115ft tall!

Newport Beach

I am a blur in this picture but Bella loved playing on the giant present.

Bella left Carmel Cashew Chocolate's and Apple Cider for Santa!
When she woke up it was all gone. Santa left her a note saying Thank You!

Christmas Parties Galore

At Jason's company party they had a petting zoo, tons of food from in-&-out, round table pizza, Mexican, some other foreign food, and my favorite a photo booth. Then she got to open a present! We had a lot of fun!

Heading to the 1st party of the night @ Alize

Waiting for Santa to come!

Eating and drinking our Italian meal

I had to tell Bella that if she went and sat on Santa's lap
he would give her a gift. That did the trick!
She got a little camera and stuffed reindeer.

Party at Tara and Bobby's place.

(Bella couldn't wait to frost her cookie, she ate it right away!)

Tara and Bobby just recently moved into our ward.

The Joys of Motherhood

Bella so proud of what she did.
She called the Cheerios a sandcastle.

This is every mother's fear, stepping away for 2 mintues to use the bathroom!
These two can rip apart Bella's room in a matter of seconds!
All I could do was laugh and then in a serious voice say, "Never do this again!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We went to Old Navy to get some new clothes
and she picked out this hat. She did not want to take it off!!

Bella's hair is long enough again to put in Pig Tails.

We are in the process of potty training-Bella is doing really well.

Jason and I went to see Savior of the World. It was such a great reminder of what this season is all about! There was an Artist, Mark Mabry there with his exhibit. He is a photographer and his work is amazing. I love the picture of the 10 virgins and if you go to the right and under The Artists, Mark Mabry, there is a cool clip to watch. Here is a link to his website-

My new Car

This is the perfect "mommy" car!

This car is amazing! And has features that are unreal!

I love the huge moon roof!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

rAnDoM mEmOriEs

My parents back yard
in Springville, Utah

The night before Bella and I flew home
we helped my mom put out the Christmas decorations.
I always looked forward to holiday decor!

I went to the spa and feel in love with this!
(The spa was amazing!)

Bella and Sydney reading bedtime stories.
I watched Sydney for a couple hours well Camille was in the hospital.
We are so glad she and baby are doing better.

Santa on The Polar Express

The Polar Express

Grandma Nakken took me and Bella on the
Polar Express. Bella was so excited to go on
a Cho choo ride!

Waiting at the train station

All Aboard!

Bella was so exciting she was squealing!
As a mom, it was so fun to watch her excitement!

Here is the elf, Snowflake. She was asking Bella
what she wanted Santa to bring her. Then she
brought us chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate!

Mrs. Clause
Bella setting on Grandma Nakken's lap.
Me and Bella following along as Santa's helpers
read The Polar Express. Then we sang Christmas
songs well we waited for Santa to come.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great Grandma Larsen

Bella got this orange balloon from Brick Oven.
Sad story it popped shortly after we got to Great Grandma's house.
She pushed it in to the Christmas tree and it popped right in her face and left a welt.
(Balloons really aren't the best thing for kids!)

Bella and Keir where fascinated with
Great Grandma Larsen's little
Christmas tree.

Keir and Great Grandma Larsen