Thursday, February 18, 2010

The best BIG sister in the world is....

(Bella wrote her name all by herself for the first time)

it doesn't get better then her folks!!
This gal takes care of her little brother.
She shares all her toys, checks on him well he sleeps, and reads him stories.
We are so proud of our BIG girl!Thanks Bella for being so wonderful!

Coming Home

It felt so good to be home!

Bella getting her first look at Beckham
Bella got a big sister tiara and wand

She let Beckham sleep with her Strawberry Shortcake

A couple days after Beckham had been home
Bella asked if she could hold him.

First time holding him

Bella put her bunny next to Beckham well he had a nap
When she came home from preschool, she told me she missed Beckham.
We are so in love and just can't get enough of him.

Our Newest Addition

The view from my delivery room


7 pounds 10.8 oz.

holding daddy's hand

Jason's first time holding Beckham

getting ready to leave the hosptial

Car ride home

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Bella had her Valentines party at preschool.

We ate yummy food

(Check out this pose!!)

Exchanged Valentines

and they sang a song.

Such a sweet-heart!!

Birthday Wishes

Jason thought I was so crazy that I wanted to run
errands and go to lunch for my b-day.
He took the day off and this is what we did-

It started with breakfast. Jason made everything!

Then we headed off to the gym for a couple's workout, my favorite!
Took a shower without Bella running in and out
or screaming outside the door because I locked it.

Then we went to the Olive Garden for soup, salad & bread-sticks.
For desert Zeppoli
Soft, traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar
served with chocolate sauce for dipping.

Then I went inside the bank without having to get Bella out of the car.
I walked in and out and it took 2 seconds unlike the usual 15mins.
Jason dropped and picked me up right at the door.
We went to Target and Costco and I worried about nothing but what was on my list.
He hauled everything into the car, into the house and put it away.

When I came home I had a present waiting at the door
from one of my sweet primary kids.
Made my day!!

We were going to go to Disneyland to watch fireworks but I was exhausted.
He even said, "OK lets go shopping." (those are not words I hear from his mouth ever!)
I declined?!
Jason put Bella to bed and we watch a documentary, Food Inc.
all Snuggled up on the couch, just me and him.

What wasn't perfect about this day?!!

Thanks honey for my normal, relaxing, stress free b-day!

Bella providing laughs with her oh so famous
Lemon Face

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it time yet? Because it should be!!

Could my stomach look any bigger in these pics?
It looks like a beach ball-
Jason tells me it is the angle of the camera...lets stick with that!
But I love Bella and had to post them.

Love my super cute crib set my mom made.
Thanks Mom, love ya!

Bella is going to be the best big sister ever,
and such a big help for mommy!

Beckham already seems to be an easy going baby.
This pregnancy has been completely different from my first.
All in all it has been smooth sailing. I really am lucky!

I really feel like I couldn't be anymore ready.
I am ready to make this reality!
Thank heavens for the pain and discomfort!
(and the fact that my stomach continues to grow & grow, freaks me out!)

This 'Little' guy
(I feel like he is going to be 8 pounds!)
will arrive Feb. 15th unless he decides to come sooner.