Friday, March 27, 2009


Our friends, Bob and Eva were in town from Seattle.
We met up with them at Disneyland-we had a blast!

That is Bob & Eva flying.
It was such a perfect day!
The sky was so blue!

Jason and Bella

Jason and Bob waving.
It was nice because Bob and Jason went on the rides that they wanted-
and me and Eva went on the ones we enjoy.

The sun was on it's way down, so it was getting chilly!
Last time we came Dumbo broke down well we were waiting in line-
Bella was really excited that Dumbo wasn't broken anymore.

It was so much fun having you guys here!
We hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


On our way to S.F. we took the PCH and 101.
It was so beautiful!
There was so much country I felt like I was in a different state.
It was so green, there were farm animals, orchards, vineyards, it was amazing!

This was Jason's pick for our first night on the road!
The above picture is a view from our window.
The hotel was newly remodeled!? One word- YUCK!

Almost there, after 6-7 hours!

This is a view from our hotel room.
This time we stayed in a 4 star hotel the JW Marriott.
It made up for the night before!

I almost cried when I saw the bed, after sleeping
on a brick of a mattress and yellow stained pillows,
it was just what I needed!!

Home sweet home for 7 days

Jason loved the flat screen

Entry way

Bella loved the little little shower in the tub.
It was just her size.

This was a view down from our floor-18 stories down.

I loved the elevators they were like time machines.


Another view from our room.
On a clear day you could see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bella could not live without noodles and butter!
Thank heavens The Cheesecake Factory was just a block down the street!

It is in the middle of some major department stores.
We spent at least an hour a day here well Bella ran around.
I love these trees with the big yellow, hanging flowers.



Bella loved running around this water sculpture.

I liked the Bay Bridge better then I liked the Golden Gate!
Although, the view from across the Golden Gate was breathtaking!

View from the pier
(I think it is pier 24)

Bay Bridge


It was windy and cold!

This is the view on the other side of the bridge.
It amazes me how much is crammed on the peninsula!
There are over 800 thousand people! It is the 2nd most densely populated city in the US.
After a week I was so ready to see beyond cement buildings.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 White Dresses- the movie

My good friend Lisa put this movie together with the help of ward members for an enrichment activity. I wasn't able to attend because we were in San Francisco. It turned out really well. There is a picture of Bella's blessing and one of me and Jason's wedding day.

Click the link below to watch

fAmiLy FuN!

Waiting in line for Toy Story Ride.

Bella loves the 3D glasses!

of course, the tea cups!

Bugs life 3D glasses

After the tea cups we went and watched the firework show-amazing!!