Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Denver - soon to be our new home

waiting in the airport

early morning flight

beckham with grandpa nakken

watch out this girl is wild!

and sweet... when she gets what she wants.
As of late she loves to argue (maybe she will grow up to be a lawyer),
she say's but after EVERYTHING i say, tender moments are rare,
this to shall pass.

beckham and uncle nate

bella doing yoga with grandma at lululemon

she is really good at yoga and loves doing it!

he still has those checks ladies

this boy has rolls everywhere!
love it!

We found a house in Parker, which is 25-30mins from Denver.
We close on May 21st, me and the kids fly to Utah for a week, well the movers move our stuff, then fly to our new home. Every time I think about getting in that plane, one-way ticket, I start crying! Hopefully I get the tears out now, so I don't embarrass myself later. I just remind myself it is not forever. We get a house with a yard! (my head say's but it snows, yuck!)
Jason starts Medical school the end of July.
I get to keep my job that I do from home... I am so glad!
I love orange county and will miss my home and friends here so much,
but look forward to new adventures.


Camille said...

I am glad to know Sydney isn't the only argumentative girl in this world. She says, "But" after everything I say like Bella does. It drives me crazy. I am hoping this phase goes quickly.
I love Beckham laughing in the video. So stinkin' cute.
Good luck with everything. By the way - I cried everytime I thought about my one way ticket out of Orange County also. I think I got it all out before though because I didn't cry the day of. Probably because I was wrestling with two kids on the plane and didn't have time to think about it.

Sam said...

I miss you! Your babies are so cute! Except Bella is getting so big! wow! Good luck with the move, I hope it went/goes smoothly. Love you girl!

akhoggies said...

Just think of the 300+ days of sunshine, the rocky mountains, and lower cost of living! :) We should get together, I would love to meet your kids and catch up on life! And my offer to help with moving or whatever you need still stands!

Kassidy said...

WOw!! I had no idea you were moving to Denver...and I hear you about the cold and snow!! I don't love it. Your kids are so cute. I LOVE his cheeks!!! You look great:) Hope you're summer is going well!

harada57 said...
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